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Exploring Proprietors Park in Gloucester City, NJ: A Nature Lover's Paradise

The sprawling, dense wetlands of Proprietors Park in Gloucester City, NJ, offer a unique and tranquil retreat for nature lovers. Located in a picturesque waterfront setting between the Delaware River and the ruins of the former Burlington-Bristol Ferry, Proprietors Park is an open space park that provides an unparalleled experience for exploration and enjoyment of the natural world. Learn more here.


The Borough of Gloucester City owns the park, and it is open to the public for various recreational activities. The park has three major areas: the Causeway and Marina, the park grounds, and the wetlands. The causeway and marina provide a vantage point to watch boats on the Delaware River and a scenic place to launch your vessel. From here, you have terrific views of the Philadelphia skyline and the benched natural wetlands surrounding the area. The park grounds feature some of the best hiking trails in the region, which wind through the native forest and grassland of the 2,000-acre wetlands park. You’ll likely spot numerous species of birds, mammals, and native reptiles during your hikes. Particularly noteworthy are the sandpipers and shorebirds that frequent the park. And if you’re lucky, you may even glimpse the occasional bald eagle! In addition to the trails, the park grounds offer an array of activities for nature lovers. From bird-watching to kayaking and canoeing, the wildlife and wildlife habitat of Proprietors Park provides various opportunities to explore. Fishing is also allowed in specific locations as long as the appropriate permits are obtained. The 2,000 acres of Proprietors Park also boast over 20 miles of shoreline, with varied terrain featuring mudflats, salt marsh, and freshwater wetlands. This unique habitat offers a tranquil and peaceful environment for bird watchers and hikers alike. Along its shoreline, sightings of various species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish can be seen. Bird watchers will be delighted by sightings of pied-billed grebes, American crows, egrets, great blue herons, and numerous other species. If you plan to visit Proprietors Park, you should know the park's hours and regulations. Proprietors Park is open for visitors from sunrise to sunset, and certain areas are off-limits to the public. For example, the wetlands and some coastal areas are restricted from access. When visiting the park, therefore, it is imperative to stay on marked trails and to respect the park’s regulations. Learn more about Exploring the Fascinating Treasures of the Museum of American History at Deptford, NJ.

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Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking for a peaceful oasis away from city life, Proprietors Park is a fantastic destination. With its pristine wetlands and abundant wildlife, it’s sure to provide an unforgettable and wonderful experience. As Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “Nature, whose sweet rain falls alike on the just and the unjust.” Indeed, Proprietors Park is an ideal destination for the nature lover in all of us.

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